A letter to my current self: Truth is, I’ve had enough. Enough of haunting thoughts of “what ifs” and all the “should haves”, consequent mood swings, teary moments for unknown reasons, being far too easily annoyed by little things, drawing me into this vicious cycle of not feeling comfortable with others or content with myself. So I made a decision.  To try my best to change things for the better. Starting small, inwards first.

I decided to do a #100DaysofBetterMe challenge, a project in which I will for the next hundred days do one thing a day that doesn’t come easily at the moment. One act a day in attempt to be better, to do better. By better I mean whatever that day means overcoming my comfort zone. Whatever feels appropriate, needed or in place to be less stuck in my now so common moments of feeling down and not doing much to change it.

I set this #100DaysofBetterMe project as a personal and creative challenge for myself. For the next hundred days I will daily answer the following questions:

1. What one thing did you do better?
2. Has doing so made you or someone else feel better?
3. Has it brought any new realizations?

I will try to post daily (or let me not set expectations too high and say as frequent as possible). There are two reasons I am doing and sharing this project slash challenge on instagram. One is selfish as I believe it will motivate me to not quit after day one. The second, more important reason is of more humble nature – I hope it will motivate someone else to take things in his or her own hands and serve as an inspiration on how to go that extra mile (or a centimeter). Which comes first – feeling better or being a better person?

My dear current self: I am grateful for all the mood swings and down moments you sustained as they have brought me here. However, I believe it is about time to take a leap of faith and instead of feeling comfortable in the sad past or worrying future, start to feel comfortable in the now. Instead of “what ifs” and “should haves”, focus on feeling good by doing good. Anyone else reading this and feeling me? Anyone willing to join?