1. What one thing did you do better today?
I saw a photo of my sister in which she looked simply radiant! It made me stop and think, she looked happy and so beautiful inside and out. I went ahead and told her so.

2. Has doing so made you or someone else feel better?
I dare to say both me and my sister. 

3. Has it brought any new realisations?
Growing up, I used to compare myself to my sister a lot. She was (and still is) my role mode in many ways. The down side of it was at moments my competitiveness, feeling envious or not good enough in trying to follow her exemplary presence. However now that we are older and well, more mature too, I realised we have the best of all – we have grown up into such different people I do not compare myself to her anymore and still have some insanely similar ways of thinking that often bond us together as we can truly relate to and understand one another. We even borrow clothes from each other occasionally (and not secretly steal them anymore :)). So go ahead and tell your sister she is beautiful as I am sure you mean it too!