1. What one thing did you do better today?
I didn’t allow this project to become a burden and wanting to post on time prevent me from making the most of the day.

2. Has doing so made you or someone else feel better?
Just me. I had to let go of expectations I set for myself and found it difficult to accept sometimes letting go is more important than following the plan. I made the right decision though, a small better act.

3. Has it brought any new realisations?
I started this project / challenge with a wish to do better and to feel better. With time I set a goal to post about my small act every day at 7 pm. One thing I’ve been meaning to clarify for a while now is how it all happens on a daily basis. Usually I take time in the evening (sometimes right after I do it)  to write down what better act I did that day and answer the three questions. At the same time or sometimes the next morning or when I find time, I then do an illustration / lettering / choose a photo to accompany it. So I usually post my better act a day after I did it. Doing it this way allows me to take time for the artwork. At the beginning I even did a few illustrations in advance. I do however keep it consistent to write at the end of each day. So yesterday at around 7 pm I had my answers and illustration ready to be posted and then my phone died. I was just enjoying a drink by a river and didn’t have a charger with me. I could see myself being frustrated and considered going home just to charge my phone and be able to post on time. Instead I decided to enjoy the drink and after took a walk to a nearby hill to watch the sun go down and posted an hour or two later. I can see this happening again and I do hope to remember to not allow posting about this project become a burden, a necessity instead of what it is supposed to be – a challenge to be a better person, to feel better and to enjoy the journey.

At this point I also wish to thank all of you, my dear followers on @instagram for every like, comment, impression, feedback, personal stories shared – it means so, so much to me. It also helps me keep on going.