1. What one thing did you do better today?
I made celery juice and drank a whole glass even-though I had to hold my nose to get it down.

2. Has doing so made you or someone else feel better?
Me and my mind, hopefully my body will follow.

3. Has it brought any new realisations?
I heard about the celery juice being super healthy a while ago. It is supposed to have powerful anti-inflammatory effects, is very high in vitamin K which promotes general bone and hearth health, also high in vitamin C, contains bioactive flavonoids that help to fight and prevent cancer cells. That sure sounds as a good enough reason to give it a try, right? It took me a while to actually go and buy celery and make it myself. However, I have never ever imagined I would dislike its taste to a point where I had to hold my nose before even holding the glass close and seconds after I managed to drink it. Oh the crazy things we do to make ourselves feel better. Do you feel me? What’s healthy habit did you most struggle with? Any celery juice drinkers reading this?