1. What one thing did you do better today?
I asked my friend, who has recently lost a very important person in her life, how she was feeling about it. Before even answering, she said to me I was the only person to ask her about it. And I knew that was said with so much gratitude as she told me she does want to share her feelings and thoughts on grief and open up to someone.

2. Has doing so made you or someone else feel better?
My friend and me. 

3. Has it brought any new realisations?
I have had my share of dealing with loss and grief in the past. A lot of it. And I know this for sure – when you ask someone about a person they lost, you do not remind them of their passing because you do not simply forget about it. If the loss happened recently, even less so. When death takes away someone you love, you think about it every day. And if someone asks you about them or mentions them, rather than making you sad it makes you happy, knowing someone else remembers them too. So please, do not be afraid to ask. When you do so with respect and willingness to listen, people will open up. Maybe not always, but if they do, it might help them, a lot. Asking people how they feel, how are they dealing with loss or sharing a nice memory you have with the person they lost, you remind them that person lived and made a positive impact and that is a great, great gift.