1. What one thing did you do better today?
Every time I change one thing, other changes follow spontaneously. Changes on the inside and changes on the outside. And so they did this time, big time. I am not ready to write about certain things yet, however picking up my new macbook today is one minor change I can talk about. It has been almost three weeks since I was left without my old one. At first I thought I need a new one straight away, like tomorrow if possible? Then I decided to take time to choose wisely and in the meantime work around things in a new, different way. Working on my personal project was a challenge but I managed to get everything done. Watching series was not possible so I read more. I couldn’t access my yoga e-book so I returned to flows from my head. Falling asleep the easy way meaning next to the computer was not possible and let me tell you these days I sleep much better. Spending whole weekends in nature and exercising more often in the evening are only two out of many more things that changed for the better and fingers crossed it stays that way. 

2. Has doing so made you or someone else feel better?
Me and people I spent some extra time with.

3. Has it brought any new realisations?
All these changes made me think of the great quote from one of Jorge Bucay’s books that I have written on the wall since last fall and goes like this … “Look, Demian, I think it is not essential to change your way of thinking or perceiving. Traps are to be found everywhere. What is essential is the realisation that you can change, do you understand? You change. This ability, possibility is a part of you. You had it in you since always and today you are using it to adapt to the environment. This is not definitive but temporary. There will definitely be more changes and they may be bigger and even more essential than the one today. You have to be aware that the key is ability to change, not the change itself. Do you understand?”