1. What one thing did you do better today?
I didn’t rush things of which circumstances to when they will happen were not entirely up to me. I rather trusted they will happen when the time is right.

2. Has doing so made you or someone else feel better?
Probably just me for now.

3. Has it brought any new realisations?
I will forever remember one of Super Soul Conversations podcasts by Oprah asks where she asks her guest what in life has taken her the longest to learn. For me I think it might be about acceptance. Accepting life, what it brings and accepting myself. Ken Mogi in one of his books says in order to be happy, one must truly accept oneself. Accepting yourself is one of the most important and toughest tasks in life. At the same time it is one of the easiest, simplest and most rewarding things you could do for yourself. It is a very cheap and a non-complex formula for happiness. It may seem paradoxical, but the real revelation is that accepting oneself is often associated with personal liberation, especially if you cling to the illusory self, which I think seems appropriate. In order to be able to accept and find happiness, you must free yourself from the illusionary self.