1. What one thing did you do better today?
I am dedicating this post to all strong women. In particular to all women who fight the battle of struggling to get pregnant. To all women who’s heart has been and is broken from a miscarriage. (Also to all women who decide to not have children and go through life being asked when are they about to. Also to all women raising a child on their own and those who had adopted. And last but not least, to all men standing by their side.) The strength, hope and love for life you embody, I bow to you from the bottom of my heart.

2. Has doing so made you or someone else feel better?
This time it is not about feeling better. I wish these words could hug those I know of as well as those I do not know going through the hard time of waiting for the news, the heartbreaks, loss, grief, hope, pain, fear, sadness … I hope none of you is walking this road in painful silence, that you feel allowed to take time and space for whatever emotions you hold. I hope you all, in whatever way is best for you, get a silver lining to your story.

3. Has it brought any new realisations?
I’ve experienced life not being fair before but it strikes me again. How life can be unfair, how life sometimes has no rules. Garance Dore who at age 42 wrote an article on what failing IVF taught her pointed out it’s not the hardest working or the wealthiest or the most virtuous that succeed at “perfect” happiness and that sometimes the most we can do is nothing. That we are complete even if we don’t check all those boxes. We are complete. I also hope, as Jenna Kutcher writes in her post on the time of loss and miscarriage, that you start to feel peace: peace that this is a part of your story, that this might be a way for you to change lives. Whether it is you or someone you know, who has been through miscarriage or is trying to conceive, I stand with you, as a woman, sometimes in anger as to how unfair life can be, other times in awe of life and admiration for our bodies, providing a home. I hope you know how complete and worthy and strong and amazing you are – even if you aren’t yet exactly where you want to be.