1. What one thing did you do better today?
I had my final therapy session where my therapist congratulated me for my progress and the steps I have taken in the past months.

2. Has doing so made you or someone else feel better?
Me and my therapist! I went back to therapy only about three months ago, around the time I decided to start with this project. The main reason for going was that I was feeling down and melancholic way too often without a specific reason or cause. I was far from feeling depressed or anything similar, however I knew I was not feeling myself and did not know how to move forward. Fast forward less than three months, I am feeling good. So it was my decision to end this round of therapy. We had a thorough look at the past weeks, at what has happened and the main change is I regained trust in myself. I still have bad days, I still feel sad and scared and insecure at times, however I have the confidence I will take good care of myself. My therapist said I have made some big steps and changes coming from an adult self rather than a scared inner child. 

3. Has it brought any new realisations?
In one of the first therapy sessions this time round, my therapist told me a symbolic story about a boat being stuck in mud, covered in fog, too afraid to make a move due to not knowing what is waiting outside the fog. Wondering whether there is an end on the other side and rather staying in the mud, letting itself sink, slowly but surely. And yes, on the other side of the mud might be an end as well as clear waters and a sunny sky. Due to fears we posses, we sometimes start to slowly sink, not making a move in any direction. When I first heard the story I knew I was in that boat. Too afraid to move in any direction. However when I heard the story again yesterday, I knew I am finally starting to move my boat. I am not sure what lies ahead but at least I know I am not allowing myself to sink anymore. My therapist also said to me you have to move with the flow. Even when the flow is not going in the direction you wish to go, go with the flow.