1. What one thing did you do better today?
Yesterday I had one of those “AHA” moments which led me to reminding myself life is too short. Moments later I realised I need to remind myself of it more often so this lettering piece today was the only right thing to do to make sure it stays with me longer. 

2. Has doing so made you or someone else feel better?
Just me or maybe someone else will find him or herself in these words with more explanation in the next answer. 

3. Has it brought any new realisations?
Since I remember I have always been on the more analytical side of people. I tend to (over) worry, analyse in (absurd) detail, perceive myself as a person who enjoys deep conversations about important / emotional / hard parts of life. I have also been going to therapy on and off for many years and I kind of got used to this part of me. However today it got me thinking … which part of me? The one who yes, likes to analyse and know how I feel or the one who tends to get worry too much and too easily and complicate everything? Why if I have in the past already realised those things do not necessarily have to come one with the other, allow myself to keep overcomplicating things and not simply let go of it? Even when I don’t have the answer to something and accept I will have it when the time is right, why do I let the answer continue to bother me? What (occasionally and it did yesterday for sure) keeps me on the positive path is this thought – life is too short! Life is too short to complicate things for yourself. Life is too short to worry about things you cannot change. Life is too short to keep an image of yourself as the complicated one when you know you simply want to feel good and do good. Life is too short to not let go of negative thinking. Life is too short to spread worries when you can create and spread good vibes. Life is too short to stay in the past or fast forward to the future. Life is too short to not live it in the now. Life is too short!