1. What one thing did you do better today?
It was around time of beginning with this #100DaysofBetterMe challenge of mine that I had lunch with @aljosabagola and @balladero and something stayed with me since that day. We were discussing this project and Aljosa said to me, “When there comes a day when you have enough of it, don’t post for a day and turn it into a “break the rules” day or a “day off” day.” I’ve had the idea in my mind since that very day and was sure I will use it sometimes throughout the 100 days which at the time seemed like a whole lot of time. Well, today it is day 95 and I was thinking maybe this is the day. Today was a day when I did nothing I would in particular call better. And in a way for me it was a “day off” day. However I decided I still wanted to post and write about it. I wanted to stress out it is OK to break the rules and take a day off. It is OK to take it easy. It is OK to set your rules to what being a better version of yourself looks like and it is MORE than OK to not always make it. It is OK to mend rules, to come up with new ones, to explore and adjust your plan to your best fit. There is no need for calling yourself lazy or unsuccessful or bad on days when you do not perform to your highest standards. Those days are given opportunities to be kind to yourself.
I will use this “break the rules” day in a symbolic way as well and only answer the first question.