1. What one thing did you do better today?
Completed #100DaysofBetterMe challenge!!!

2. Has doing so made you or someone else feel better?
Me, my loved ones and hopefully you, reading this. I hope you found some aspiration here. I hope my words, which I tried my best to keep as honest and open as possible, inspired you to look at your own actions with open eyes and compassion and when needed motivated you to make change for the better. If it did please comment and share any thoughts, what you will take from it. 

3. Has it brought any new realisations?
With this project I returned to myself. I think the most valuable lesson learnt is that we fall apart to come back together not only stronger but most of all more compassionate. Months ago I was stuck in fear, discomfort and lack of self trust. I almost forgot about the spark in me. A spark we all have and I think it is mostly about JOY! Finding it within and out of ourselves, experiencing it and finally to create it and share it with others. This project reminded me change is constant and if willing to put in the work on whatever you set your mind to, one small better act a day, it will pay off. For me it did, big time. In the past 100 days I finished therapy, spent most weekends in nature, tried new illustration styles, changed habits on the way I work and live, I quit my full time job and fell in love. I opened up on the topic of going to therapy, living with anxiety, struggling with loss and perfectionism, wondered about the importance of self compassion, gratitude and love. I do not consider myself an accomplished or completely changed person now. I am sure I will fall again, get stuck or not do my best. However I am not afraid of it and I know that when it happens, I will come back to what got me through the past months. This project made me remember the kind of person I wish to be. It pushed me to trust myself more, value myself and because of that I was able to be a better person, firstly for myself and also to others. This is it, my dearest reader, thank you for following along this journey!!