Can 100 days change your life?

Do you know the feeling of being stuck and feeling like your life is running past you? Have you ever felt not quite yourself but not knowing how to improve your well-being? Then read on.

My story
Described above is how I was feeling for a while. Anxious, joyless and melancholic at times for no particular reason. Even-though I had previously, years ago, been through depression and knew I was no where near that darkness, I still knew I was far from feeling good. There were two major challenges I faced – how to get myself to feel better and to find a new personal creative challenge. For weeks, maybe even months before I started the 100 Days of Better Me project, I had already been aware of my weary mood, knowing that I lost contact with myself. I experienced less and less moments of satisfaction and motivation and more and more frequent ones of sadness, anxiety, sometimes numbness. It took me a while to fully acknowledged my feelings and with eyes open, look at the fact they were not a result of changes from the environment, meaning much, if not all, must be in my hands to turn it for the better. Somewhere deep inside myself, I was aware that small steps are a beginning to every great change and that joy is usually hidden in little things. It was what clarified my mission and with mixed feelings I started a journey for the next 100 consecutive days, hoping it was going move me forward and back to myself.

And it did! In 100 days my mood shifted for the better, more than I ever imagined it would.

I started day 1 of this journey in mere hope that small steps can be key drivers of big changes. I stepped on this journey in belief that the key to happiness lies in little things. Today I am sure of that. In 100 days I have tried my best to make myself or someone else feel better, one little step at a time. I achieved big changes such as quitting my full time job, finishing therapy and falling in love. My better acts included saying “sorry”, going for a run, opening up on mental health and vulnerability.

I invite you to read through my journey. I wholeheartedly hope it inspires and moves you to take the decision to take life in your own hands. My 100 days journey is a proof change for the better truly is one small act away.

Vida Iglicar
photo: Greta Ajutyte
This is me.
Vida Iglicar, art director, graphic designer and illustrator. I find joy in admiring beautiful things. I hope to keep raising awareness on mental health through creating and telling my story.